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free shipping in Australia

We got a comment this week on the website saying that we should offer free shipping during COVID. I found this a bit strange as we do offer free shipping in Australia ALL the time. I thought maybe the customer missed the FREE SHIPPING banner at the top of the site? Or maybe they are ordering from overseas….

Free Shipping In Australia

In Australia, we offer free delivery all the time on every item. This is easy for us to do as the books are small and light and we can send them out as large letters with Australia Post which is way cheaper than a parcel. If you have been sent a recipe storybook from us you will have seen that it costs $3.30 in stamps, so not a huge amount. As with any business that offers free shipping we build the cost of the shipping into the price you pay. It makes life easier for you, no surprises at the checkout. About a month ago I went to order some new swimming goggles – I am a mad ocean swimmer. The goggles were $30 and the shipping was an extra $18, which is just mental, did I buy the goggles? Nope! Free delivery really affects your whole purchase experience and personally I HATE paying extra for shipping.

Shipping for The Rest of the World

worldwide shipping

I love that Story Antics books have been whizzing all over the world to places such as UK, France, Germany, USA and Canada, but unfortunately being in Australia shipping to those places is expensive ๐Ÿ™ This has been made worse by COVID as there are fewer planes flying and therefore less space for parcels, which has meant that some orders instead of being sent by airmail are being sent by email, which takes FOREVER! Well ok not forever, but a few weeks more than airmail!

I think that I have found a quicker option, but I am still testing it out to try and ensure that you don’t have to wait weeks and weeks for your books. Worldwide (eg UK or USA) shipping costs are a minimum of AU$15.95 for one book, so yes 5 times higher than shipping within Australia. This is why on an AU$25 book I just can’t offer free shipping, Story Antics would make nothing and be out of business before you can say abracadabra… ๐Ÿ™

I could of course charge more per book but I doubt people would pay that. Instead what I do is suck up some of the shipping cost and just charge an additional AU$10 for shipping wherever in the world you are and however many items you order. I think this is fair, but I’d love to know your thoughts on shipping as a customer….

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you are reading this from overseas here is a special coupon that will give you completely FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 or more books at one time before 31/8/20 – WORLDFREE

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