Lockdown Special Offer

Being in lockdown sucks, there is no other word for it. It is important there is no doubt, and we are lucky that we have Netflix, TV, puzzles, games and more, but it is still hard. Hence why I thought well, I have about 100 Banana Muffins books that I got printed for a show (which was cancelled due to COVID-19) and I can’t see that I am going to get to a show this calendar year, so why not do a lockdown special offer.

the lockdown special offer

The lockdown special offer is a FREE printed copy of our Banana Muffins recipe cookbook. Usually, you can personalise them and print them, but they have already been printed, so you can just choose from one of five name options…

five banana muffin books in the lockdown special offer

There are two boy options and three girl options. In the two boy options, it is a boy cooking with Daddy and in the girl options a girl cooking with Mummy. These books are a great activity to do at home with the kids or let them get on with it on their own. Suitable for children aged 2-10 years old.

This banana muffins cookbook is the most popular cookbook we sell with children of all ages. It is great surprize gift if you know a family in lockdown who are climbing the walls and looking for something to do together. Older children will find the recipe storybook easy to read and follow with the illustrations while younger ones will enjoy spending time together in the kitchen making these delicious sugar free muffins.

Harry & Pop

Here you can see Harry starting to make the Banana Muffins with his Mum. They had a lot of fun making them together. Plus one of the best things about baking is all the skills kids learn while they do it, such as reading, maths, science and hand-eye coordination. So sneakily it is an educational tool as well as a fun read and activity to do!

Head to this page to get your FREE Banana Muffins Cookbook – hurry they won’t last long!!

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