Our Top 3 Most Popular Recipe Cookbooks

Shopping for gifts is hard, what does an x year old child like? Do they already have it? Which one of these will they like best? Decisions, decisions…. That is why I have written this blog post to hopefully give you some guidance as to which recipe book you should choose by explaining what our top 3 most popular recipe cookbooks are so far in 2020 and why….

Before the BIG reveal, I’ll just tell you a bit about the recipe cookbooks. We launched the first one in February 2020, six months ago and have since launched five more. These are the six books we have so far, and there is one more to come….

  1. Banana Muffins
  2. Raspberry Breakfast Balls
  3. Cheesy Quinoa Crackers
  4. Sweet Potato Brownies
  5. Zucchini Muffins
  6. Banana Ice Cream

The Story Antics Most Popular Recipe Cookbooks

As in true Oscar style, we will go in reverse order….
In THIRD place, we have Raspberry Breakfast Balls. This personalised recipe cookbook was the first one out in the series of six, launched in March 2020, the balls are SUPER easy to make and require no cooking what so ever, just a blender/Nutri-bullet/food processor and you are away! This storybook has been really popular with littlies from one years old all the way up to 10 year olds, it is great for honing those fine motor skills as the recipe requires the chef to make lots of balls by squishing and squashing the mixture.

In SECOND PLACE, we have a gift pack, I did think maybe I should rule it out, but maybe it shows that shoppers can’t decide between the Cheesy Quinoa Crackers and Raspberry breakfast balls books?!? Either way, it is a great gift pack which has got RAVE reviews from parents and children. Perfect if you are looking for a gift that is a bit bigger than one book, and it will keep the kids amused for hours making these goodies.

FINALLY IN FIRST PLACE, we have the Banana Muffins recipe storybook!!! The first horse out of the stable, cab off the ranks and chip in the pan, this Banana muffins recipe cookbook is a BIG hit with parents and children. Why? I think it is the muffins. Banana’s are a known quantity, muffins are seen as something liked by all, so together they are a winning combination. The other five recipe books are a bit more left of centre in terms of the ingredients and what you end up making. Either way, this muffin cookbook has sold more than twice as many books as any of the others in the series. If you are looking for a guaranteed winner get the Banana Muffins personalized recipe storybook.

Top 3 most popular recipe cookbooks of 2020

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