Raspberry Breakfast Balls recipe storybookCheesy quinoa crackers recipe storybookSweet potato browniesZucchini muffin recipe storybookwashing handsbreakfast balls recipemixing up ingredientsChildren's first cookbook recipe storycracker ingredientsquinoa crackersmaking crackersCgeesy quinoa crackers grating the cheesemixing up the brownieshoney is runnySpooning the muffin mixture into the tinrehydrating sultanas
4 personalised cookbooks
Raspberry Breakfast Balls recipe storybook
Cheesy quinoa crackers recipe storybook
Sweet potato brownies
Zucchini muffin recipe storybook
washing hands
breakfast balls recipe
mixing up ingredients
Children's first cookbook recipe story
cracker ingredients
quinoa crackers
making crackers
Cgeesy quinoa crackers grating the cheese
mixing up the brownies
honey is runny
Spooning the muffin mixture into the tin
rehydrating sultanas

4 Personalised Cookbooks

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Personalise these books

4 Personalised cookbooks for your child, all 4 books are customised for the same child, for children ages 2-10 years.

Free Shipping in Australia. From ordering books take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door in Australia, due to COVID outside Austalia it is taking more like 4-6 weeks 🙁

2 characters to customise Characters to customise in this story

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Four Times the Fun with these 4 Personalised Cookbooks!!

This book pack contains personalised copies of the Raspberry Breakfast Balls recipe storybook, the Cheesy Quinoa Crackers recipe storybook, Sweet potato brownies recipe storybook and Zucchini muffins recipe storybook.  A great way to buy 4 awesome books for the same child and save time and money.

We will personalise all four books with the same personalisation, you just do one we will do the rest for you with the same details.

For the recipe stories choose the gender, name and hair colour, skin colour and eye colour of the main character and the adult helper in the Raspberry Balls book and we will copy those for the other three books.  These books can be read as a story, or used as a recipe to follow or both.

All of these recipes have been created by Amy from Healthy Little Foodies.  They are great recipes for children and adults to make, really quick and easy with a delicious result that will make you want to make more and more!

Great for children who love to cook, or want to learn. For younger children who can’t as yet read it is perfect to use as an activity to complete together, and for older ones the simple language and illustrations make following the recipe alone really easy with great results.

This is the perfect gift with the Story Antics apron for any child in your life – imagine a kids recipe story in which they are the main character who creates the breakfast balls in the story and can then do it again in real life!

The 4 personalised cookbooks can be given as one gift or split it up for Christmas, Easter, Birthday….

Please send in photos of your creations, or pop them on social media and tag us so we can see what you created.

Each book is 18cm x 18cm in size with 28 thick 200gsm pages.

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