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The first day at daycare, nursery or school can be scary, if it’s your first time or just back from summer.  This book written in consultation with a child physiologist will help get your child in the right mindset, suitable for ages 1-5.

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The first day at Daycare, Nursery or School can be very daunting, particularly if it is their very first time, but even after the summer break, it can feel strange.  This personalised book allows you to choose the name, gender, hair, skin and eye colour of the child and adult in the book, you can also customise the teacher’s name and gender as well as the name of the place, eg Daycare, Big School or whatever you like.

The storybook is written in consultation with Richmond Creche and Kindergarten and Empowermind child psychologists.  At the back of the book, there are tips for parents to help make the transition easier.

This first day at daycare book has been written to help children from 1 to 5 years old feel reassured rather than scared about the first day by knowing what is to come, and how much they will enjoy it.  The storybook starts with the child feeling nervous and ends with them saying that they can’t wait to go back!


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