Gift Pack: Raspberry Breakfast Balls Recipe Storybook & Kids Apron

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Personalised Recipe storybook gift pack complete with apron, now all you need is the ingredients!  A recipe told as a story, where children can use reading, maths and science skills to achieve a sense of accomplishment as they make this delicious snack. For ages 2-10

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This wonderful Raspberry Breakfast Balls book gift pack, is perfect for birthdays with the 28 page Raspberry Breakfast Balls recipe storybook and matching Story Antics apron – the child can look exactly like their character in the book!

In the Raspberry breakfast balls recipe storybook choose the gender, name and hair colour, skin colour and eye colour of the main character and the adult helper.  This book can be read as a story, or used as a recipe to follow or both.  It is a super easy recipe, even suitable for 1 year olds!

This healthy raspberry breakfast balls recipe has been created by Amy from Healthy Little Foodies.  It is a great recipe for children and adults to make, really quick and easy with a delicious result that will make you want to make more and more!

The Raspberry breakfast balls book gift pack is perfect for children under 10 who love to cook, or want to learn. For younger children who can’t as yet read it is perfect to use as an activity to complete together, and for older ones the simple language and illustrations make following the recipe alone really easy with great results.

Once you have bought the book and loved the balls please send in your photos so we can see your creations, we’d also love to hear if you have any tips for variations on the recipe, maybe blueberry breakfast balls?  We have personally cooked these raspberry breakfast balls to test the recipe and can guarantee that it is both easy to follow and creates a delicious result.

This book is 18cm x 18cm in size with thick 200gsm pages.

The kids apron is available in two sizes. For our little chefs, aged 2 to 6, who enjoy helping around the kitchen, the infant apron (43cm wide x 53cm long) is ideal for messy family bonding! The junior size (48cm wide x 63cm long) is for the budding junior master chef aged 7-10, keeping their clothes clean (yes we know almost impossible!) when creating their masterpieces!


  • Infant (age 2 to 6) apron is 43cms wide and 53cms long
  • Junior (age 7 to 10) apron is 48cms wide and 63cm long     

Common features:

  • Fabric – 65% polyester/35% cotton twill makes this apron easy to wash and keep your kids splat-free during any creativity-inspired mess in the kitchen!
  • Tie length – 50cm

We will get in touch after ordering to find out which size apron you need.

1 review for Gift Pack: Raspberry Breakfast Balls Recipe Storybook & Kids Apron

  1. Belinda

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my grandson, he’s not that into cooking, but I think it is something he should learn. We made these balls together, he loved it, they were so easy that is was a great start.

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