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With the Coronavirus COVID-19 all around us, the importance of proper handwashing has never been higher.  Use this entertaining storybook to educate your child on how to wash his or her hands correctly!

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This 28 page storybook is all about handwashing and viruses with hand-drawn illustrations.  You can choose the gender, name and hair colour, skin colour and eye colour of the main character, really putting your child in the story.  We know that when a child is in the story they are more engaged and learn better, which means hopefully in this case better handwashing!  There is also another character in the story who you don’t see, you can personalise the name of that person – they explain to the child how to handwash, why it is important and about viruses.

With the Coronavirus CoVID19 around us, and even when it is gone the importance of good handwashing and hygiene is very important, which is why we have written this book to help parents and children understand the importance and how germs pass from person to person.  We often don’t take the time to wash our hands properly as recommended by the WHO to stop the spread of germs, this story explains not only the importance but the steps to good handwashing practice and more importantly how long it should take.

You can create and read this storybook online and/or buy a copy, share this with friends and have fun creating your own handwashing songs.  We’d love to see you singing and handwashing, so please video yourself and tag us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use the hashtag #handwashingantics

This book is softcover 18cm x 18cm in size with thick 200gsm paper pages.

A BIG thank you to P&G our distribution partner 🙂

3 reviews for Handwashing Storybook

  1. Amelia

    If you had told me a book on handwashing would be interesting, I would have been surprized. However this book was fabulous and my daughter loved reading it, plus it made her wash her hands more!

  2. Susan Evans

    A lovely personalised keepsake for these unusual and unique times.

  3. Simone

    Thank you so much for this lifetime keepsake. Will be for ever grateful, my kids love their book!! Excellent quality and I love that even the characters looks can be personalised.

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