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A fantastic apron for the wannabee chef in the family. This distinctive apron will have your children excited to cook with you.  Free shipping in Australia. Orders are shipped from Sydney within a day of ordering.

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A fantastic, colourful kids apron for the enthusiastic chef in the family.

Your young chef will love putting this apron on and cooking with you! Coupled with our Banana Muffins, Raspberry Breakfast Balls or Cheesy Quinoa Crackers recipe storybooks, this kids apron will add a pop of colour and excitement to their cooking adventures.  This kids apron is the first step for any young child to channelling their inner chef! With two different sizes and an adjustable buckle, this apron is the perfect fit for every kid!

Interested in a delicious recipe for your child? One of our recipe storybooks such as, How to Make Banana Muffins, is the ideal narrative to guide kids through reading and following instructions. Along with teaching them valuable life skills, it allows kids to explore their creativity whilst making some great-tasting banana muffins!

This apron is available in two sizes. For our little chefs, aged 2 to 6, who enjoy helping around the kitchen, the infant apron (43cm wide x 53cm long) is ideal for messy family bonding! The junior size (48cm wide x 63cm long) is for the budding junior master chef aged 7-10, keeping their clothes clean (yes we know almost impossible!) when creating their masterpieces! Additionally, the combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill, makes this apron easy to wash and keep your kids splat-free during any creativity-inspired mess in the kitchen!


  • Infant (age 2 to 6) apron is 43cms wide and 53cms long
  • Junior (age 7 to 10) apron is 48cms wide and 63cm long      

Common features:

  • Fabric – 65% polyester/35% cotton twill
  • Tie length – 50cm
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Apron size

Infants (ages: 3-6), Junior (ages:7-10)