Story Antics - Alfie's PresentGrandma and Grandpa Christmas presentChristmas book includes the dogChristmas book pages
christmas storybook
Story Antics - Alfie's Present
Grandma and Grandpa Christmas present
Christmas book includes the dog
Christmas book pages

The Christmas Book

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A wonderful 36 page picture book with hand-drawn illustrations. “It is Christmas time! The whole family are excited to receive their presents. Everyone including Santa’s Reindeers gets a present, but can your child find their present?”

For children who love Christmas!!  Free Shipping in Australia.  From ordering books take 2 weeks to arrive at your door.

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the dog
the cat
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A wonderful 36 page colour picture Christmas book with hand-drawn illustrations by Kat and Fox.  Let your child be Santa and give out the presents in this gorgeous story – with nine characters to customise (including the cat and dog) you really can include the whole family in the story to create a book that the reading of will become a family tradition for years to come.

About the book: “It is Christmas time! The child hands out presents to the whole family one by one. Everyone including Santa’s Reindeers gets a present, but can your child find their present?”

This Christmas book is an A4 landscape softcover book with lovely thick pages that will be last for years to come.  Why not include this book as part of your Christmas Box or Christmas rituals that help get you and the children excited for Christmas.  The fact that the whole family can be included in the story makes it a treasure that will be handed down through the family to help generation after generation celebrate Christmas.

Having the whole family in this story helps your child learn who everyone is, and what they look like (roughly), plus can prompt impromptu storytelling around each person.  Asking the child do you remember when you met XX, you were only 2, we were at the zoo etc.  The more extended family are discussed and spoken about the closer the child will feel to them when they end up meeting them again or for the first time.  This is a great present for a new arrival, toddler, or an adopted child.

If the book is for a child who hasn’t as yet arrived and therefore you don’t know the name please get in touch as we can make sure that the order is sent to the printers as soon as you know.

For children who love Christmas!

4 reviews for The Christmas Book

  1. Bede Moore

    The book is really great, my son made me read it to him 3 times in a row!

  2. Emily

    Thank you for the sweet little personalised book!

  3. Leah

    I received the book for Eva, thank you, she loves it and is getting her more excited about Christmas.

  4. Barbie Dillion

    Thank you, it’s beautiful!

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