COVD-19 Isn’t Going Anywhere

the importance of washing your hands

Unfortunately around the world COVID-19 is still spreading. I have to say that I felt lucky living in Australia with such a low rate of infection compared to other countries such as USA. However, now as the second wave hits it just brings back to all of us the importance of washing your hands.

What Washing Your Hands Does

The spread of COVID-19 can be stopped by something as simple as washing your hands. The soap used when you wash your hands basically destabilises COVID-19 and weakens it until falls apart and is no longer harmful.

When to Wash Your Hands

In our personalised handwashing storybook, we have a page at the back on when you should wash your hands….

washing your hands

This list of when to wash your hands should be added to in COVID-19 times,
– When you return from the shops, a cafe or work
– After using public transport
– After visiting friends
Basically, if you leave the house and go into someone else’s environment then you should be washing your hands. There is never too much when it comes to handwashing!

What If My Skin is Suffering?

The only challenge with all the handwashing is that your skin may start to complain. Mine has already done this, the soap was giving me eczema (that’s when your skin is red and itchy and starts peeling). When you are washing your hands you can use ANY soap, it doesn’t have to be anti-bacterial, just lather it up and choose one that works for your skin. Personally I love the handmade organic soaps, my skin loves them. I even carry a little piece in a plastic bag for when I am out and about so that I don’t have to use the chemically enhanced soap that public restrooms seem to favour!

Support Local

With soap and the way that small businesses are suffering due to COVID-19, I personally like to support local businesses. I buy my soap from Soaps by Heather – a lady in the Blue Mountains (near Sydney) who handmakes all her soaps and does fabulous fragrances such as Mint Slice! My other soap trick is when I buy a big bar I cut it up into smaller pieces, this makes it MUCH easier to handle to create bubbles and reduces waste.

Why not treat yourself and/or the children to some delicious smelling soap that makes them want to wash their hands!

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